Steals and Deals is offering advertising blocks on the Steals and Deals blog!

You can see the space setup here already - look right at the sidebar blocks all ready and waiting for your advertisement!

We are fed to numerous blogs for sales and receive hundreds of hits daily during our operating times. If you want to know how well known we are search “steals and deals” on Google, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine - our website is found on the first page!

This space can grow to incorporate numerous advertisers and since our weekly sales listing is a long scrollable list, your ad will be seen by everyone looking at the list!
The blocks randomly rotate so no one will always be at the top or the bottom, just refresh the page (F5 is a hot-key method for refreshing web pages) and you will see the ads change around!

Regular Price Chart:
   30 days of advertising = L$1,500
   90 days Pre-paid advertising = L$4,000 *

   180 days Pre-paid advertising = L$7,000 *
   *discount for 90 and 180 days pre-paid!! Price listed reflects the added discount!

~*~How to get your advertisement space:~*~
1. Create a notecard in SL or email (-at- gets replaced with @ for actual email address).

2. Name the notecard or email:
S&D Blog Ad - Your SL Avatar Name

3. Send full payment in Second Life for the number of months you wish to advertise to:
StealsAndDeals Blogger

(We are only accepting payments for the amount of days listed in the price chart - IE. nothing over 180 days.)

4. Inside the notecard or email you must include:
    A) Your full permission square logo (125x125, 256x256 or 512x512) or rectangle logo with similar dimensions (256x125, 512x256) - I can only accept .tga, .jpg and .png files
    B) SLURL or URL to your website (whatever link you prefer) - the block ad will be linked so people can click on it and either visit your store or website. It can only be linked to one place so choose wisely!
    C) Your SL payment transaction information including the transaction # and date from the transactions history

After we receive the information and confirm the transaction we will post your ad to the S&D blog as soon as humanly possible and notify you by notecard (or email) in receipt!

Pretty simple and most importantly affordable!

Keep checking here on the blog for future Steals and Deals Blog advertising prices and how to get more of this fabulous advertising opportunity!

Thank you kindly for your support of Steals and Deals!
The Steals and Deals Team